What does that really mean?

The Company Philosophy

Jimsesh. The company name is a mere string of letters, but through the unity of curious and ambitious minds, engaged with humility, it contains purpose and defines a movement.

We endeavour to ‘elevate universal consciousness‘ by increasing the level and quality of human-wide communication.

Focused on the Media and Music industries, we develop and leverage audio brands to inspire creative and purpose-driven conversation. This is our means of facilitating the expression and transaction of ideas, the origin of the greatest currency of all – knowledge.

It’s through the acquisition of new ideas and the perpetual critique our own, that we believe humanity can approach objective truth and consequently elevate universal consciousness

We Have Two Core Tenets
1. The ambition to acquire knowledge.
2. The humility to continue to question our own ideas.

Without the honest support of both these, unnecessary friction may arise in the quest for objective truth. Agreement is not required but openness in dialogue and the sincere goal to understand alternative perspectives is.

May you continue to learn, grow and build.

The rest of this site explains exactly how we execute this broad and abstract philosophy.